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2012: A Message of Hope

“Every thought in the human mind sends out an electro-magnetic wave from the base of the heart that has a measurable effect on the world in which we live.” from 2012: A Message of Hope This beautiful and inspiring video makes the case for meditation and its role in changing ourselves and the world [...]


The Centers of Light hosted its monthly Conscious Movie event in August, showing Rendition. This movie examines the practice of “renditioning” – moving terror suspects to overseas prisons for detention and interrogation – and how the practice can be misused and abused by those who have the [...]

July’s Cause: Quality, Accessible Health Care for All

Every month the Centers of Light around the country support a cause. The cause for July is health care and providing health care to everyone in the world. For those interested in helping bring more peace to the world, the Centers of Light host a monthly event called “Prayers for Peace” the first [...]
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